Isla Mujeres. The director of Administración Portuaria Integral de Quintana Roo (APIQROO), Alicia Ricalde Magaña reported that during the first year at the helm of the company 14 million 788 thousand 726 pesos with 38 cents were invested in maintenance, rebuilding of marine terminals, equipment of facilities and personnel training, as well as achieving savings of 32 percent in current spending, which amounts to 2 million 10 thousand 166 pesos, compared with expenditure exercised in the last year of the previous administration. Also during this period, the arrival of passengers is on the rise in all terminals.

To the Operations Committee Ricalde Magaña gave a report of work for its first year of management, where members widely recognized her and congratulated because, they said, had never seen before so much investment and above all, maintenance of the terminals.

In Chetumal, she said, this year more than 951 thousand 836 pesos were exercised in rebuilding the yacht club pier; in Cozumel more than 4 million 616 thousand 406 pesos were spent. Maintenance in Cozumel Marina came to fencing and walkways, adequacy of premises. In Building and ferry pier she gave maintenance to bathrooms and waiting room, supply and installation of bollards, fenders, walkways and fire system. In San Miguel maintenance was given to steel pipes, replacement of bollards and fenders, repair and painting of screens, maintenance to sanitary modules. In Banco Playa Marina replacement and installation of transformers was made.

In Puerto Morelos more than 2 million 102 thousand 879 pesos were applied in repairing settlements and retaining wall, perimeter fencing, demolition of a building in disrepair. In Puerto Juarez over 587 thousand 984 pesos were exercised in maintaining the fishing pier.

In Isla Mujeres over 6 million 529 thousand 619 pesos were exercised. In the terminal and ferry pier delivery and positioning of perimeter fence, general maintenance to the pier and rehabilitation of electric grid were performed. In the maritime terminal manintenance was performed to the second stage of wood pier and walker. In Punta Sam, on the ferry pier, maintenance and various repairs, supply and installation of steel ramp, maintenance to sanitary modules occurred.

During this year two million pesos were also invested in surveillance equipment with the installation of CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of users, computer equipment, computer technology infrastructure, a plotter for printing and scanning of blueprints.

The care of staff and their working area is also one of the premises of Governor Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez so in this first year 4 million 12 thousand 229 pesos were invested in various categories: 1,496,986 furniture and obsolete offices equipment, which had more than 15 years of use, 1,630,986 pesos to increase the vehicular park with 5 production vehicles for operation and transportation of personnel; 619,036 pesos for maritime signals were applied for the acquisition of lanterns threading to mark the MECO, which for two years was not working, with an investment of $ 619.036 pesos 3 buoys for the navigation channel of Puerto Morelos were bought, Similarly 266,114 pesos were invested in the purchase of tools and intangible assets.


Alicia Ricalde reported that since the first day as General Director she instructed the administrative area for a strict rationalization of current expenditure (paper supplies, supplies of computer equipment, cleaning material, fuel, electrical equipment, construction material) is carried out, which got a 32% savings equivalent to $ 2’010,166.00 with respect to expenses incurred in the same period of the previous administration.


In that vein, replaced surveillance and external cleaning staff directly hiring personnel by the company in Puerto Juarez, Punta Sam and Cozumel, decreased expenditure on studies, consultancies, advertising (Press), generating savings of 87%, ie , $19,147,770.00 as well as $ 1,588,968.00 in per diem and travel expenses representing 48% less.


Regarding statistics on the arrival of ships and passengers in our port facilities, shipping companies replaced replaced vessels by ones with higher capacity so its arrival in some terminals decreased while the number of passengers had increased in all.

Chetumal registered a decrease in the arrival of vessels 1% (8 arrivals less), but in passengers there is a 6.6% increase (1,630) compared to the same period. Cozumel had 13% increase in cruise ship arrivals (144 more) and 13.5% in passenger arrivals (473.442 more passengers). San Miguel route was 30.21% in movements of vessels (7,992 more movements) and 24.97% more passengers (885.253).


Isla Mujeres had 1.40% fewer movements of vessels (647 operations less) but 10.60% increase in passenger numbers (442.630). In the same island the ferry service had an increase of 9.47% (433) percent in operations and 31.62% increase in cargo (104.518 tons). The increase of passengers in the same terminal was 25.46% (66,142 more passengers), 11.16% over the same period in vehicles (8,332 more).

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