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ISLA MUJERES.- The  General Director of Administración Portuaria Integral de Quintana Roo (Apiqroo), Alicia Ricalde Magaña reported that staff operations area of the maritime terminal of Isla Mujeres were trained on maneuvers to be performed in the docking and undocking of vessels,

She noted that in the operations workshop in which five employees of the morning shift  participated were also informed about the logistics supply chain and safe handling of passenger flows in open and closed areas, as well as maritime security.

“Through the workshop it was stated that all personnel are part of the same gear within the supply chain; if one fails in this, others automatically fail. In the course they were given clear and specific examples of the terminal at Isla Mujeres to know how to act properly”,she said.

Ricalde Magaña explained that  in the workshop it was explained the type of maneuvers that must perform ships arriving at the maritime terminal of Isla Mujeres, considering external factors involved in a maneuver such as wind and current.

She also explained the risks posed if its allowed that two or three ships load or unload at the same time in the pier at Isla Mujeres.

“In case of fire or other incident, we would have to mobilize more than 400 passengers on the platform running the risk of minors being crushed by a mass of people, as well as users who are in the waiting room”,she added.

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